Rotary District 6670, consisting of 52 Rotary clubs and over 3,100 members. Our district is situated in the southwestern sector of Ohio, encompassing over 12,000 square miles. Clubs range in size from 355 members in The Rotary Club of Cincinnati to 11 members in our Blanchester Club, our smallest club. There is great diversity in the clubs across our district.


Southwestern Ohio has a rich history of riverboat days, mysterious Native Indian mounds, ties with the underground railway and the oldest professional baseball team in the country - the Cincinnati Reds - in Cincinnati. But don't think this section of Ohio is too caught up in its past. Not only does Southwestern Ohio claim one of the largest amusement parks in the United States - Kings Island - but it also boasts the Cincinnati Zoo - one of the most highly acclaimed zoos in the world.

The United States Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio is the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world. The Museum features aviation development from the days of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk to the Space Age. The National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center in Wilberforce is the first national museum dedicated to Afro-American heritage. The history and culture of the Black experience is chronicled with over 4, 000 artifacts, exhibits, thousands of photographs, music and art.

From the ice age to the space age, your visit to Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati is an extraordinary time travel adventure. Experience the thrills of a five-story wrap-around film that puts you in the center of the action. ve among four Dayton library locations, staying at each for a three-month period.

In Ross County you can witness the spectacular re-enactment of the life and death of the great Shawnee leader, Tecumseh. Visit the large, tiered amphitheater, nestled in the hardwood forest of Sugarloaf Mountain where, beneath a canopy of stars, a spectacle of unbelievable proportion explodes around you, as horses gallop down from the hills, arrows whisper overhead in deadly flight, flintlocks bark, and artillery thunders through the woodlands.

You can also find "Ohio's Most Perfect Tree" nearby along scenic Rt. 335. For it is there, just 3-1/2 miles South of where Rt. 335 intersects Rt. 32, that you will find one of natures wonders. The Perfect Tree. This large hard-maple tree is estimated to be at least two-hundred years old. What makes this tree so perfect? You be the judge. Magnificent in any season.


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Love the great outdoors? You will love southwest Ohio, with a dozen state parks, six nature preserves and eight hunting and fishing areas. Have a blast on the beaches or boating on the Ohio River. Go shopping. Explore the Freedom Center, museums and historical sites Cincinnati has to offer.


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